Jexbox - apps exception tracking solution
Jexbox is a powerful Java based exception tracking system which captures and stores application exceptions in online database. There is no need to search endless log files - stored exception data (type, message, stack trace, line in page, request & session data) is available at any time in your account. Thanks to its intelligent grouping & report system, software engineers are now capable to track all possible exception situations by searching and analyzing existing data.
Why Jexbox is for your team?
High industry standards

We believe that working in reliable and secure environment is very important. That's why Jexbox gives you the opportunity to work with a system which has been developed and managed by highest industry standards.

Real-time exception tracking system

Jexbox helps you to fix errors in seconds with its real-time exception tracking system. At the moment an exception occurs, you can trace all important information - identify and fix the most important problems first, how many times the exception happened, where the exception occurred and many more.

We keep full exception data unlimited time

Yes, that's true - all your exception date is carefully kept and ready to be used whenever you need it.

Jexbox leading features
Unlimited number of projects

Jexbox keeps all your exception date for unlimited period to time.

SSL encryption

For yours and our security all communications uses SSL encryption.

Change exception status

Mark errors as resolved, open and closed

Intelligent reporting system

No matter if you want to see all runtime exceptions or all old errors, Jexbox gives you full details for the type of the exceptions.


Jexbox dashboard gives you information about all important statistics and reports. You can check for exceptions from the last 24h, or last 7 days which are presented in line charts.

Sophisticated error grouping

Our exception grouping report system has been developed to automatically group errors by application, environment, class, method and type of the exception.

Select perfect pricing:
  • 1 application
  • 5 exceptions per minute
  • 15 days data retention
Unlimited Monthly
  • unlimited applications
  • unlimited exceptions
  • unlimited days data retention
  • 1 application
  • unlimited exceptions
  • 90 days data retention
About Jexbox

Tsvetelin Saykov, founder

"Jexbox is my first (and hopefully not last) start up project which was developed to track and manage all exceptions in Java based applications. It was launched at the middle of 2014 but the idea of creating a powerful exception tracking system is not new. As developer by myself I worked with some of the famous tracking systems on the market and we know exactly what features we were missing. I started to think for a solution and that's how the idea of Jexbox was born. I wanted to create an environment that is easy to use, saves time and gives detailed information about the exceptions in Java platform.

I have over fifteen years experience in product development, engineering and management. I am a passionate windsurfer and willing to help with a solution at any time

We'd love to hear from you with any recommendations or requests for technical support. Please send us email or give us a call at any time.
E-mail: support at jexbox dot com
Telephone: +442030042647
Address: 7 Han Asparuh Street, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria

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